Warren's World Record

Many a person have laid in bed at night wondering what their place in this universe might be. Some cling to the ideals of their parents and grandparents; get an education, acquire that lifelong 9-to-5 career, have children, retire and die. But for Warren Bujol, destiny never made a plan. As a child, Warren was blessed with incredible balance, and cursed with an undying need to win at all costs. Skateboarding, surfing, stuntbiking; these were just a few of his pastime activities, although his skateboard talents were sponsored by Rapid Revolutions Skatepark, so, in that regard it was more of a career.

The week before Christmas, 2014, I was invited over to a friend's house for drinks and fingerfoods. This is where I introduce you to Mouser, a veteran whose leg was stolen by a landmine during a stroll in Afghanistan. I tell you this to also tell you that even though Mouser gets around fine with the use of a super cool prosthetic leg, he has a wheelchair that he keeps stowed away in the guest bedroom. Three rums and a few toothpick wedding weenies later, I hear ruckus errupting from the guest bedroom and move in closer to investigate.

5 rums in, Warren is performing a shaky wheelchair stationary manual (wheelchair wheelie) while Mouser hollers that he better not fall down and break any of his shit. Warren assures Mouser that not only will he not "break any of his things" but that he, in fact, couldn't fall down even if he wanted to. Mouser the Abrasive, as Warren and myself affectionately refer to him, calmly and with dignity replied, "BULLSHIT!" That was when Warren walked Mouser and me through the first time he wheelied in a wheelchair for 20+ hours. It was truly inspiring.

Last week I was vacationing with my family in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Upon returning back to work, I discover that while I stared stoicly out to sea re-examining all of my life choices in an attempt to seek inspiration for the future, Warren found inspiration in the back of a warehouse behind our office. He said, "remember that time we were at Mouser's house and I told you I wheelchair wheelied for 20+ hours?" I affirmed my recollection of this memory with, "Of course. Fun night." Warren then goes on to tell that after acquiring this junkyard wheelchair that the actual world record for a stationary manual (wheelchair wheelie) is only 12 hours and 30 minutes, and held by Canadian native Michael Dylan Kennedy. It was obvious to me by this point that Warren was set and determined to bring this record home.

Below is Warren's letter of applicancy to Guinness World Records:

As a child, I knew that I was going to be in the glorious pages of the Guinness Book someday; I just never knew what for. Though I have never been confined to a wheelchair, I have been blessed with a great balance. In the past I have been asked by many if I would be attempting to break the record, but until recently, I did not feel as if I were ready. Now I am certain.

Currently, I work at a magazine which focuses on the amazing aspects of our community (Lake Charles, LA USA) and the people living around me. I feel as if I would be doing them a great disservice if I did not attempt to secure a Guinness World Record. I want to hang a record in our city hall. I want to bring the Longest Stationary Manual in a Wheelchair Record back to America, where it belongs. More specifically, I want to bring it to Lake Charles, Louisiana. I hope that by doing so, I can introduce our readers to the great things found in your encyclopedia of awesomeness. I feel as if young people have lost touch with the wonders that can be found in your pages, and I hope to reignite their curiosity. 

To achieve my goal, I will utilize a wheelchair I purchased from a warehouse sale. It isn't in the best of shape, but it has all the required parts for me to seize my place in history. I am willing to purchase a better wheelchair if mine does not meet your specifications. I will be utilizing the Exposure Magazine office for my journey and will be documenting the event on our social media as well as our printed magazine. The office is located at 1118 1st street, Lake Charles, LA 70601, I hope you can attend. If possible, I will have an assistant (my publisher, Calvin Tyler) to help me hydrate and feed. If not applicable, I am fully capable of breaking therecord sans support. 

I believe great things will come of this and greatly appreciate your consideration.


Warren Bujol, Editor-In-Chief of Exposure Magazine

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