Day 1: I'm No Hero

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It's also day three or four into my quest for the World Record. As you know, they don't just hand those things out for free (I honestly don't know, this is my first attempt). We figured since we are going to have to wait for an unknown period of time, we might as well make a montage; or at least a bloggy version of one with videos and pictures. 

As it stands, we don't know much about how this process works. We have applied online (as you know) and received a reply, but they didn't mention anything about the requirements of myself or my wheelchair.

Screencap from my phone. No bid deal.

Screencap from my phone. No bid deal.


What we do know is that it doesn't matter. I will stop at nothing to bring this World Record to Lake Charles. Nothing. Even if I have to travel to Canada and challenge Michael Dylan Kennedy in person. 

If watching Pimp My Ride has taught us anything, it's that you can polish any turd with a little half-assed effort. Without altering any major mechanical parts (as to not be disqualified), we are going to make this wheelchair fit for Macho Man Randy easy, Cream of the Crop. I must say, it is starting to look like the chariot of a champion, I'm quite proud. But then I remember that I'm a grown man and I am literally spray painting wheelchair rims. No one said this would be easy. 

I'm no hero, I'm just the Editor-in-Chief of Exposure Magazine. I win my Guinness World Records just like you; two wheels at a time