My Limitations Include:


My Chariot

My Chariot

After two days of updating this "blog", I realized that we may need to make it a weekly thing. I still don't know what a "blog" is or when Guinness will be here. In fact, the only thing I do know is that 16 hours after they get here, we will have a World Record hanging in the office (probably the bathroom). 

Calvin has decided to join my Record Quest, he will be trying to beat the most spins in an office chair in a minute, or 30 seconds, or whatever. It's no Stationary Wheelchair Manual, but there is a record for it. Our goal is to have Lake Charles break the record for city with the most record-breaking residents. We're going to need your help and I'll probably need to Google the current record (if it exists). Submit your own record quests to me at I am certain that if we give even a half-assed effort, we will need to rent a storage space to house our collective records. 

I'll keep you posted with any major developments as they happen. Don't forget to submit your record quests to me. If you don't want to break records yourself, send me ideas for records I can break for you. My limitations include: whistling, drawing faces, eating vegetables. Everything else is fair game. 
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Warren Bujol
Editor-in-Chief, Exposure Magazine