Why I'm In Sales (And So Are You)

By Michael Miller

People-Asking-Me-What-I-Do Anxiety

When people ask what I do, I always hesitate. Lots of people have seen me play music in bands like: The New Orleans Bingo Show, Liquidrone or The Man Named Bones. Or seen me hosting a burlesque show, with Fleur De Tease, Big Deal Burlesque or Boom Boom Burlesque. But here is the total truth, I'm more proud of being a salesman.

There's Nothing Sexy

No one grows up wanting to be a salesperson. There is nothing sexy or over-the-top-fun about sales. In fact most salespeople are kind of invisible - we only see them when we want something. So why am I writing this piece about being a salesperson? Listen to this:

When we talk with passion about things we love, we are selling. When you rave about an album or a movie you love (or hate), you are selling. People create the world they want with sales. For years I did sales because, honestly, it was the only job I could do being a full-time musician. I would get off the road, broke, and hit the streets selling. I've sold insurance, cars, home improvement products - you name it, I've sold it. And I've made a good living doing it too.

1 Part Bravado, 2 Parts Listening

Several years back I started teaching sales, as a way to make money, and what I found amazed me. Anyone can learn to sell. Yes, anyone. I've taught over 500 students now and if someone wants to learn it, they can do it.

So why would anyone want to learn sales? Well. on average we make about $100K a year, with no requirement for education. Name another field where you can do that. (Ok, I just named several in my head.) Sales keeps you mentally sharp. It's not as much bravado and talking as it is LISTENING. And getting people what they want. I believe in sales as a way we can transform our personal lives and the lives of those around us. In fact I've made it a personal mission in life to get as many people into sales as I can. Want to land a great job? Want to influence people? Want to stop waiting on political forces to change our world? That's all sales.

I'm Just A Guy Selling Selling

Many of my students were in a tough spot in life when I met them: divorce, bankruptcy, veterans with disabilities, etc. They learned how to speak clearly with passion and how to really listen, and now they have amazing jobs that let them shine. This world and this state need salespeople. My company, RiseUpSelling, trains salespeople, but I'm not the star here, nothing I teach is groundbreaking. I'm just a guy selling selling.

You are the star.

Michael Miller
(917) 698-9330

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