Ricky Erlando

The Most American American in America

From the mind of comedian/writer Jarrod Harris comes an all new style of American Action Figure Hero as he introduces to web series viewers Ricky Erlando, title character of “The Ricky Erlando Show”. Launched in September 2014, “The Ricky Erlando Show” follows the adventures of Ricky along with his sidekick pet Croc-A-Doodle (yes, a combination crocodile and poodle) as they travel the globe battling world injustice, villains, tackling socially conscious issues and picking up hot babes along the way. Ricky Erlando is the most American- American in America, one man fighting the new world order.

Viewers follow Ricky’s personal sexcapades and general hell raising as he pokes fun at recent news stories, political figures and media organizations from his libertarian leaning perspective. If Bo and Luke Duke had a cousin who was placed in a corrupt foster care system at two years old and came out a bad ass with a van, endless supply of moon pies and a sex addiction, it would be Ricky Erlando.

The weekly web series features episodes such as “Ricky Erlando vs the Prius Owner”, “Ricky Erlando Explains The Iraq War” and “World Cup Soccer” in which Ricky takes an actual skype viewer question and answers in only a way that Ricky can. Follow Ricky Erlando and his adventures at http://www.youtube.com/user/RickyErlando

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About the Creator
Jarrod Harris Killing it.

Jarrod Harris
Killing it.

Jarrod Harris is an oddly comfortable mix of trailer –park filth, comic angst and hipster irony. While his style may fit into several categories along the comedy spectrum, his clever writing only fits into one. Jarrod Harris has performed at premier comedy clubs across the US including the World Famous Improv Comedy Clubs, Punchline, Side Splitters and he has been featured on TBS’ “Lopez Tonight”Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” and has received recognition for his comedy work with San Francisco Comedy Competition Top 4 Finalist, 2010 Detroit Comedy Festival "Best of Fest" Selection, Host of the 2010/2011 Laughing Skull Festival and Campus Activities Magazine Top Comics to Watch for 2010.

Jarrod was also the former voice and writer for the Jungle character on “Action Figure Therapy” series receiving over 30 million views. He was featured on the "Holy Fuck" album in 2013, and the LOL Comedy Festival 2014 held in Santa Barbara, CA which was filmed and released on Hulu. Late 2014, he will finally be releasing his first album after 12 years of stand-up comedy with Rooftop Records entitled, "Present And Talkative." 

From the Editor:
Warren Bujol Editor-In-Chief

Warren Bujol

Above, we have copied and pasted the bios of Ricky Erlando and Jarrod Harris (easiest option). Informative as they may be, they fail to grasp how great these two, completely different men are. 

Ricky Erlando, well, he's the Most American American in America, obviously. It may not seem like much; you may even believe you personally know a more American American; to this I say, "No...you don't". But being an American is easy, at least it used to be. The last few years have been especially challenging for our great nation. We have become unimaginably divided, and our morale is at an all time low...we are living in an America that literally allows North Korea dictate what we can and cannot watch. Bizarre. In a time when Americans disguise themselves as Canadians while traveling abroad, Ricky Erlando reminds us (with a seemingly endless supply of wit) how great this country is. If it weren't for the brave Mr. Erlando, those New Zealand citizenship applications would be on their way to the New Zealand government, instead of being a pile of ash in my garbage, which is overflowing with Walmart shopping bags and imported Whataburger wrappers. 

Jarrod Harris is, surprisingly, just as witty as Ricky. I was first introduced to Mr. Harris while serving in the Marine Corps. Contrary to popular belief, Marines love humor...we spend large portions of our day on Youtube; watching cat videos and Action Figure Therapy. Just so happens, Jarrod Harris created the magnificent little bastard we know as Jungle (from AFT). But when others retire after reaching peak-excellence, Jarrod pushed forward. You see, Jarrod understands that there is more to life than being ridiculously good-looking; he has repeatedly gone out of his way to make others (in my case, complete strangers) equally excellent. At one time, I was considering opening a comedy club, right here in Lake Charles. Being that I know nothing about the comedy world, I decided I may need to consult an expert. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contacts until I reached Jarrod Harris, the seasoned stand-up comedian. Seriously---that is how it happened. To this day, I have no idea of how I acquired Jarrod's personal phone number, but I was in no position to question my methods. I shot him a text, like an obsessive teen-aged girl, saying, "Hey, you don't know me, but...comedy club". To my surprise, he responded, quickly even! He asked me to give him a call. I did. He said was excited and offered to help by swooping down and putting on a little show. As you may have realized by now, I never did open that club, but I did start this magazine. So, being that I know nothing about the magazine world: I figured the best thing to do would be to call a stand-up comedian. I called the only one I know...Jarrod Harris. Who, once again, saved the day...the only damn way he can...by getting on a plane; hopping in, what I hope to be a limo; and looking at our pretty faces from a stage. Seriously. Just like that. I even call him when my toilets back up, or my car won't start; I know I can always count on Jarrod Harris (professional comedian) to guide me through the storm. I, personally, recommend that all of our readers have a professional comedian in your contact lists.

Currently, we are searching for the most suitable venue [COUGH] LUNA...!  [COUGHING INTENSIFIES] LIVE [FINAL COUGH AND AN ACCIDENTAL FART] for Mr. Harris to demonstrate his comedic prowess in. 



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