The Championship SuperBoogie Three

By Daniel Fuselier | 4/10/2015

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They’ve been sentenced to life. All three of them are in for the long haul. They don’t cry about it, they’ve accepted it. It wasn’t really even a choice, it’s just who they are. They even take a little pride in knowing that they are “lifers.” What brought them to this point was no accident.  It was years of planning, scheming, and manipulating their surroundings to take advantage of any situation. The three men show no remorse for the carnage left along the way. They readily reminisce over the years of wild hedonism and the long trail of evidence they’ve left behind, often leaving people to pick up the pieces once they’ve left town. Now armed with new weaponry and an even more lethal unit, Honky is back to destroy your senses with their pure bred artillery of ass-shaking rock and roll.

SUSPECT 1 - Jeff Pinkus

Known whereabouts: Atlanta, GA
                                     Austin, TX

Known accomplices:  Butthole Surfers
                                     Daddy Longhead
Weapon of choice:     Bass/ Vocals
Identifying marks:       Heavily tattooed, signature Honky hat.

The roots were started at the turn of the millennium. Mr. Pinkus was dissolving his group Skinny Leonard and had an idea to change the way his music was being categorized. It was on this premise that he started a new band. "We didn't want to be a rock band, we didn't like the term, 'rock,' and if you had to call yourselves rock then you probably weren't doing it right," Pinkus says. "We figured Superboogie fit us more." His main goal was to play some hard music that got the women shaking their butts and the guys drinking whiskey and everyone having a good time. His diabolical scheme has served him well. There's no doubt that what Honky provides is nothing short of unadulterated fun.

SUSPECT 2 - Bobby Landgraf
Photo from Bobby's Twitter account

Photo from Bobby's Twitter account

Known whereabouts: Chicago, IL
                                     Austin, TX
Known accomplices:  Gahdzilla Motor Company
Weapon of choice:     Guitar/Vocals
Identifying marks:       Heavily tattooed, the baddest damn beard in all of Austin

Bobby earned his sentence early in life. In 1976, listening to the radio, he was drawn to music and the road. He moved around a lot and became a mastered student of the guitar. "Man, it was really just a case of the right place and the right time, I talked my way into a lot of shit," he recalls. His smooth talking earned him time with some serious industry people and he maneuvered his way up the ladder without much pushback. Bobby met Pinkus through mutual friends and was quickly recruited to join the Honky gang for his impressive guitar style. Even though he's a "lifer" it feels like a dream. "I still get to wake up every day and play guitar," he says with an adolescent grin. It's easy to see that this is a man that clearly has no regrets for the choices he's made.

SUSPECT 3 - Trinidad Leal

Known whereabouts: San Antonio, TX
                                     Lubbock, TX
                                     Austin, TX
Known Accomplices:  Dixie Witch
                                     Light Bright Highway
Weapon of Choice:    Drums/Vocals
Other aliases:             Chief Widesmile

The third and final member of the devastating outfit is the most recent inductee. Trinidad Leal met Pinkus when his band, Dixie Witch, was recording their first demos. He had started Dixie Witch around 2000 and had a lot of success with them. Trinidad was a hardened "lifer" on his own when Pinkus and Bobby called him up to join them. "They've groomed me, they've taught me so much about being in the pocket and not ironing out the groove," he confesses. It's clearly a partnership that bares some pretty fruit. This member of "The Heavy Hitters Club" has clearly hit his stride in Honky.

A Unit Like No Other
Daniel Fuselier sits down with Honky

Daniel Fuselier sits down with Honky

Not long after meeting the three member of Honky, it was clear that these bandits were a unit like no other. They are confident and excited about what they have as a team. They know each other, fight for each other, and love each other more than just being in a band would require. The roots run very deep amongst them and it shows in their interactions on stage. "Me and Bobby have been through everything," Pinkus says, "now it's just on cruise control now." They all claim that this is the easiest they've ever had it before.

Honky is quite happy being the road warriors they started out as (and still are). Even being located in Austin - the mecca of the music world - hasn't stopped them from touring as much as they possibly can. "When you decide to become a professional musician, your goal is to play as many shows in as many cities as you can," says Bobby. When asked why they love to play Louisiana so much they answer with both practicality and flattery. "We love this area, man," says Pinkus. "We always get treated so well, it's such a pure scene out here. Nobody's worried about anything but having a good time with us." Bobby chimes in as well, "Geographically it makes more sense. We live in Austin, and going west: there's not much. We have a lot of great shows on this I-10 stretch." The handful of shows that they've played in Lake Charles have been good for them. They feel like they're reconnecting with this area and it feels good to do so.

Makin' Easy Stuff Look Hard and Hard Stuff Look Easy
Jeff Pinkus reads Exposure. No big deal.

Jeff Pinkus reads Exposure. No big deal.

Over the years they've constantly put out high a quality show that will leave you begging for more. Every night, thick grooves fill the air with an urgency that reminds us of all the reasons we fell in love with music. Watching a Honky show is to witness a testimony in showmanship. Three seasoned veterans; playing the instruments that have been their calling card for most of their lives. "Just make the easy stuff look hard and the hard stuff look easy, "says Pinkus. It really doesn't get better than experiencing what they do. Even after two opening bands, the crowd was rejuvenated by watching these three men do what they were born to do. Never mind that these men are rock royalty, they're here to win you over night after night. "If you lose your humble, you've lost your mind," Bobby reminds me. "It;s not that we're better than anybody else, it's just that nobody does what we do. So we got that, and that's our pride." This night in particular is no exception. The "lifers" are back in Lake Charles showing everyone  how true SuperBoogie is supposed to be experienced. It's not a show; it's a party that everyone is invited to. It's a party that will no doubt end with another night of debauchery and mayhem that will be remembered for quite some time. After all is said and done the Championship Lifers of SuperBoogie will spend the rest of their sentence doing what they love, and , more importantly, we will love them all for doing it.

A Note From the Editor

I don't know if I could ever fully explain how significant these musicians are to me.

When I heard that Honky had agreed to an interview with Exposure Magazine, I slapped Calvin in the face. I'm not sure why I did it and I'm very sorry, Calvin, but you know how excited I get when I meet my heroes.  You knew the risks of having me as the Editor when you asked me to join you on this journey. I can't thank Daniel Fuselier enough for capturing this story for us. It was a great honor to sit in with Daniel and Honky and listen to an incredible story, it was a night I will never forget. 

Thanks to Dave Evans (Luna Live), Honky, and Daniel... I can retire now. 

*I didn't mention Butthole Surfers one time, Bobby. That was for you. 

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