By Bill Elliott

Today people want convenience and quality.  Add innovation, fun, and a hedonistic attack on the taste buds and you will find Liz Fuselier, a creative energetic dynamo with a determination to let the world sample her unique blends of olive oils and balsamic vinegars in an interactive fun-filled atmosphere of entertaining that delights both ladies and men alike.  "What I do is no secret," says Liz.  "I don't sell; I teach your taste buds what they have been missing."

Liz came up with the idea of what she calls a "mobile boutique" that specializes in high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar blends that provide a unique set of experiences in taste.  She replaced the "trial and error" method that consumers use with "trial and success." Liz uses her concept of "tasting socials" to educate groups of men and women gathered in a variety of settings to the health benefits and culinary attributes of her products. These are not typical house parties, not only because they invite vigorous discussion about the methodology and range of uses of the products, but also because the guests may bring or prepare various dishes and confirm how well they are improved with the addition of "Sassy" products

Liz uses the term "tasting socials" to aptly describe the events that she conducts and which she emphasizes "are not your typical house parties."  She says "Because of our mobility, we go just about anywhere," and that includes card groups, fitness centers, office lunches, conferences,  club meetings, pot luck dinners, and even lingerie bachelorette parties, as well as your home.  At the social you get to try the various products without any cost or obligation.

In addition to being a mobile boutique, Sassy Oil & Vinegar has online shopping available.

Liz Fuselier

Liz Fuselier

If you are looking for a prototype of the contemporary woman that social engineers strive to make commonplace then you will find it in Liz.  This is a woman who creates opportunity instead of waiting in the shadows to seize one when it happens by.

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