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By Nikki Sue Alston

Okay, They're Big. But Who Isn't...Inside? 

Pit Bulls have become synonymous with aggressive or “bad” dogs. Many housing, insurance companies, and public places do not allow a Pit Bull on premises. A majority of people are afraid when around Pit Bulls or are leery of them. The truth of the matter is, Pit Bulls are not inherently vicious or aggressive at all. Detrimental like any stigma, this has taken a huge toll on the breed, and leaves shelters full of Pit mixes. It also makes it a challenge to place them with furr-ever families. Knowledge is power and educating the public to break misconceptions is what many pit bull rescue groups, like our local Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue, aim to do.

The pit bull stereotype is based off actions from a minority pit bull owners. In my humble opinion, bad dogs aren’t born, they’re made. Like many breeds (German Shepard, Great Dane, Husky, Chow Chow, etc.), Pit Bulls need to be trained and not allowed to become alpha to the owner. All dogs need to be trained and unless a Pit Bull has been poorly bred or trained to attack humans, they generally love all people. They are one of the most loving, loyal, friendly and dedicated canine companions.

Fun Facts (About Death*)

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From: care2.com

From: care2.com

Fun Facts (About Death*): Memorize the next 5 lines of information. The next time you need to get somebody to leave you alone in a bar...start reciting. Ladies, you're welcome.*  

·         Since 1992, the breed most involved in fatal attacks has been the Rottweiler, not the Pit Bull.

·         About 5,000,000 dogs per year are killed in US shelters. Since in many places Pit Bulls make up 30-50% of shelter populations and are less likely to be considered for placement than any other breed, we can guess that 25% of those dogs killed is a reasonable estimate. Therefore, it can be assumed that perhaps 1.25 million Pit Bulls are killed per year.

·         Pit Bulls are NOT the most aggressive breed, Dachshunds are. One in five have bit or attempted to bite a stranger, and one in twelve have lashed out at their owners. Chihuahuas were in second place, and the Jack Russell were the third most aggressive breed. I own a weenie dog and can attest he is moody, independent, has Napoleon Syndrome, and is very protective of his house and yard.  He thinks he is the boss and my dog at least 10 times his size cannot compete with him.

·         Pit bulls are no more or less unpredictable than any other type of dog. The only reason a person would be afraid of “unpredictable” behavior is because they lack basic understanding of dog behavior. By watching the dog’s body language, a person they should be able to see warning signs preceding a bite or defensive behavior.

·         The Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue, in addition to Lake Area K-9 and A Bridge to Life, provide service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD. All of the service dogs are rescues (either from shelters or bad situations) and with these programs are saving two lives at once. All dogs are provided to the veteran as a donation, with all costs covered.

·         The dogs mentioned above are classified as “Medical Alert” service dogs. As such they can be trained to perform tasks like seeking out another individual when their handlers are experiencing a medical crisis and needs help, positioning their handlers in a manner that will keep them safe during a seizure, retrieving emergency medication, and dialing 911 on phones equipped for use by service dogs. These dogs are trained in a wide variety of unique skills that not only give the gift of independence, but can also mean the difference between life and death for their handlers.

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