Oyster: Netflix For Books

By Nikki Sue Alston

Oyster: Netflix for Books

Oyster Books was founded on the notion that a well-read life is a better-lived life. Founder Eric Stromberg started Oyster because he wanted to create a more modern and seamless way to read and discover books. Oyster is pioneering a better way to read for everyone.

What is Oyster?

Oyster Books is the leading streaming service for e-books where a member, for just $9.95 a month, can enjoy unlimited access to an assortment of literature—everything from New York Times Best Sellers and Oprah’s picks, to children’s titles and more. They have over 1 million titles from more than 1,600 publishers, with new books arriving daily. It has never been easier to find a story to dive into. Members can browse and discover on their own, follow friends recommendations, or get expert recommendations from an editorial team. The more you read, Oyster gets to know what you like and can recommend books based on your reading habits and tastes. Currently, Oyster is available on Apple iOS, Android, Nook HD, and Kindle Fire, and the web.  This means there is borrowing from a friend, renting, or waiting for individual titles—plus, no late fees! You are free to read as much as your heart desires, whenever you want, for as long as you carry the Oyster subscription.

Why the name Oyster? Why not Carpe Librum or something cool like that?

Oyster was inspired by the famous Shakespeare line, “the world's mine oyster.” They like to say that the world is yours for the reading. Also, Carpe Librum was taken.

You might be an Oyster reader if you’ve ever…

  • Missed an appointment or something because you got lost in a book.
  • Skipped a party to read in bed alone.
  • Spent a day in a funk after finishing a great book too fast.
  • Named a pet (or child) after a favorite book character.
  • Snuck in a few pages behind your computer at work.
  • Dated someone purely because of their taste in books.
  • Dumped someone purely based on their taste in books.
  • Become too attached or emotionally invested in books.


Also, if you know someone who is an avid e-reader (like me) feel free to give the gift of a subscription, a month, two, or more (*hint hint)! With every gift subscription, no matter the length, a portion of the gift goes to Reading Is Fundamental, the national literacy program whose mission is to motivate young children to read by working with them, their parents, and community members to make reading a fun and beneficial part of everyday life.

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