Nikki Sue Alston Writer

Nikki Sue Alston

About me:

I am a red haired, freckled face lover of memes andall things vibrant. I am den mother to three, 4-legged black children and partner to an incredibly patient man. I enjoy laughing at my friends (*cough* I mean with them) and the F-word happens to be my favorite adjective/verb.

Although not a native of The Chuck, I consider it my hometown and the people who live here part of one big dysfunctional family. I am a Comma-Nazi, consider myself socially awkward, and have word vomit when frazzled.

My favorite day of the week is Wednesday because #WilsonWednesday and consider cheese and chocolate one of the best food combinations in existence (don’t knock it till you try it). Any day, one can find me binge watching trashy reality TV, Facebook stalking, or getting too emotionally invested in a good book over a glass (or bottle) of cheap wine.