Note From the Editor
Warren Bujol Editor-In-Chief

Warren Bujol

As you may have noticed, our website does not have a lot of content at the moment...well, that's because we, Calvin and I, refuse to force-feed our readers the same articles, by the same authors, month after month.

Don't get us wrong, we are awesome writers (probably), but we designed this boat to be sailed by you. We have broken our magazine into several sections: Local, Culture, Business, Interest, Science and Technology. Write whatever you want. Don't get too wrapped up in the details; if you have something worth writing about, we'll find a way to fit it in. Hell, we'll even pay you real, American dinero* for your efforts (if they aren't horrible). 

Warren Bujol
Editor-in-Chief, Exposure Magazine 

*"dinero" refers to USD



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