Last Breath of A Dying Man pt 1 of 7

By Michael Wicks

From the archives of "the wooden nutmeg"

FINAL STATEMENT OF J.T. PRIMM (58): Hartford, Connecticut 1898.

Have I not suffered enough, oh terrible Gods. As a consort amongst the whores of Elizabeth Park, I have made fruitful the promises whispered to me in the night. The whispers which speak of great depths and myriad eyes, words which sweetly seduced my hand into following the monolith in La Salette. Azathoth, release me from this coil to dine with the endless lips of the creators, which feasts on the constant march of time, growing ever more complete, until day eventually ends and all men will bow. She was nothing to me, but meant everything to you. She was nothing to me. I rejoice in the gallows you lead me to, the excrement you barrage me with, and your harsh words, for I truly know the end which will lead me to the beginning. Quod tu es, ego fui, quod ego sum, tu eris! Thank you Azathoth. Thank you for this opportunity to become whole.

Executed - 11:58 A.M. July 10th, 1898
Crime – Infanticide
Victim – Lucille Primm (1)
Deemed Criminally and Mentally Insane by La Salette Head Doctor, Azamir T. Othello

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