Last Breath of A Dying Man: pt 4 of 7

By Michael Wicks

From the Diary of Samantha Klein (age 9)

Date: June 5th, 1944

Got a postcard from pop; he is off protecting our freedom, and I miss him so much. He told me he was going on vacation soon though, which is good, he must be so nervous with all of those bad men after them. I’ve heard that beaches in France have a lot of naked people on them, so I hope he doesn’t find a new mommy! I sent him a bathing suit in the care package along with momma’s lucky strikes and all the pictures of us. Mom cries all night still, I know she misses him, but he will be back soon. I pray every night for that. I keep having these dreams though, even saying my prayers at night won’t stop them. They aren’t so bad though, a nice man in my dreams plays the flute for me and brings me to a big mansion! We play with dolls and eat candy from Sweden; it’s so much fun, but then he starts talking to me with big words I don’t understand. Then the room gets really dark and I hear the walls whispering to me, “He’ll be gone soon. Don’t worry child, we are here for you.” Mom says I should stop drinking too much Coke before bed, but I don’t think that’s the problem. I hope daddy gets our package soon. I miss him so much; when he gets back he says he’ll bring me to the circus, I love the elephants. Come back soon daddy.

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