The Beauty of Broken Glass

Any brilliant mind can concoct complexities down to the most minute
detail and the simplest mind can conceptually get from A to B, but I
feel anyone I could ask would agree that there is nothing in this
world that always works as planned. Most people will curse, or cry, or
curl into a ball when things that weren't planned to happen, happen.
It's totally relatable, which is perfectly acceptable.
And sometimes, things happen that make us feel like we've fallen into
a deep dark hole in the ground or been ensnared by a web that binds us
tighter and tighter the more we struggle to get free.
We can flail and scream inside for minutes, days, months to no avail.
Giving up seems to be the best option.
I used to work at a popular home accessories store for about a year
and there were several times where I would be called to pick up the
pieces of something that had broken, yet there was one particularly
remarkable moment when I had opened a box that had one intact object
and a broken one. It wasn't uncommon and it wasn't even the first time
that day or week, but one of my coworkers said that the broken pieces
became useless since we couldn't sell them.
But the more I thought about it, I began to wonder how useless it
really was. If it was melted down, it could be reformed or made into
something else. It could even be made into part of a mosaic, glass
collection, jewelry, or some other repurposing.
I mean, sure; it would be crazy easy to simply throw it away and
consider it done (we didn't get paid to make things from scratch so we
tossed all that). But while it wouldn't be easy and would take
considerable time and effort, it would be transformed into something
even more beautiful, something with a purpose, maybe even a usefulness
unexpected or unprecedented.
So as broken as a person can feel or be, I truly believe one can get
out if they're willing to fight for it, tooth and nail, fang and claw.
They won't be back to normal but they will be at the next step of
their path. All we can do, plan or whim, is take life one step at a
time. I've never known it to be easy, but I know it's worth the time
and effort.
In the depths of the sharp points and dull sides of life lies the
beauty of our broken glass.

Restless, Part 1

I live my dreams and avoid sleep
Because of the visions the nights keep.
I see sorrow and sadness and pain
And nothing growing from the storm and rain.
I once saw hope and promise in these
And what I thought were my future's keys.
But from the horrors and tragedies I've seen with my eyes,
The slumbering darkness I now despise.
Because of this I run from most,
Do I ever run from a lingering ghost.
Hellish images I have seen,
Reoccurring when in between.
My peace is fleeting and
My rest evades
Because of unyielding fear
Not phased by blades.