Freelancing With Exposure

I’d like to start off by thanking you all for your support. Your unique perspectives and collective creativity are the driving force behind our success; without you, we will fail (literally). No pressure. This isn't something we recently became aware of, and it certainly does not keep us awake at night. In fact, we are convinced that our dependence on you is our greatest asset.

We believe that our neighbors (you) are fascinating...example, Calvin (Exposure Publisher Extraordinaire), just realized that the man who created the Transformers theme song lives right down the road from him...seriously. We are surrounded by intrigue, and we created this magazine so you can share our story.  

Our timing was deliberate. We watched this city grow from the wild little kid that used to wear its pirate costume to school; to the pimply-faced, awkward teen who was suddenly “too cool” to be seen with us at the mall. We pretended we didn't know why it started taking hour-long showers during puberty; and we offered a shoulder to lean on when its heart was broken for the first time (Last one out of Lake Charles, turn off the lights…). Now our little city is off to college, and even though it doesn't realize it yet; it needs us more than ever before. Exposure Magazine is the diary of Lake Charles (I've never used one personally, but I’m sure they are an important developmental tool), it serves as an outlet for our thoughts, and a reminder of who we are. Years from now, we will look back at its pages and laugh at the crudely scribbled “Keep Calm and (locally-relevant verb) On”, or how we used to be so in love with Lafayette that we’d practice signing, “Lake Lafayette” like we were married...(they won’t look so hot at our high school’s 10 year reunion, I promise).

As the deadline for our very first print issue approaches, I ask of you this: write about the over-looked, and under-appreciated things Lake Charles has to offer. There is no such thing as a best-kept secret anymore...we have the internet, remember?

For those of you who are business-minded, we need content for small-business: forecasts, market analysis, trends, legal advice, etc. For those who are more artistically inclined (not that you can’t be both), we need, well, art: this includes (local) music, photography, food, paint, print, etc. Science and technology articles are not limited to a local-arena...all we ask is that the topic is interesting. Whatever your contribution may be, we need it fast. We will be accepting content for the first issue until January 15, 2015. Anything after that will be published in subsequent issues.

In order to receive payment, we will need you to fill out and return the attached IRS form 1099. It is very important that these forms be filled out appropriately...well, if you like money. If you do not like money (nothing wrong with that), fill the form out however you see fit…

Typically, we will pay as follows:



Word count        Payout

500-1,199            $50

1,200-1,799         $75

1,800-2,200        $100

Articles which require substantial effort and or incur costs (quantifiable and legitimate) will be compensated at a higher rate which will be negotiated prior to publishing.


Pay based on quality, will be negotiated prior to publishing.

Short Stories/Poetry

Up to $25.


Pay will be negotiated prior to publishing.

Becoming a Member of Our Staff

If you consistently slap us with amazing content, don’t be surprised if we contact you for a more permanent position (Mo' Money! Mo' Money! Mo' Money!)

We are more concerned with your perspective than your grammar prowess, so don’t be discouraged if you aren't a ‘writer’.

You can submit your content to me directly at, please attach as a word document or some other editable format (I need to have something to do at work). I expect great things from you, Slick. 
Give ‘em Hell.


Warren Bujol

Editor-in-Chief, Exposure Magazine