Duane Watched A Music Video 

By Duane Bergeron 


A Halloween Song by the Ukulady's Man!

Every so often a writer is called upon to step out of their "comfort zone" and take on an assignment based on a topic they are not familiar with. To myself, that represents a challenge. What writer can resist a challenge? This brings me to the matter at hand. 

I have been doing motion picture evaluations and summaries for years. This is the first time I have ever tried my hand at reviewing a music video. But why not? In its first year of publication, Exposure has been on a mission. The endeavor at hand is to bring attention and information of the dearth of artistic talent within Southwest Louisiana. There is plenty of it to go around. It is for this reason the Exposure Arts Initiative was founded. By giving aspiring and/or established artists a chance to show what they can do, it helps in giving them a boost upward in their careers. An opportunity to perhaps secure a recording contract would be great for musicians, as an example, to be the next Adele or Drake. Other artists can excel in their given field if given a chance to shine. This is what Exposure is hoping to accomplish. 

Though at this time the mindset of most is on the Christmas holiday season, it's Halloween being emphasized here. Call it a "time lag." The music video being spotlighted here is Creepy, performed by Ukulady's Man. The artist is also known as Sean Hager. Before going any further, I must emphasize Ukulady's Man isn't attempting in this effort to imitate or parody Michael Jackson's classic Thriller video. Instead, he is trying to give the standard Halloween conventions a different perspective. Did it work? Keep reading. 

Ukulady's Man is talented with his instrument and his vocal performance. That in itself is unique. Why? Because a ukulele is not generally used in most musical genres. It's generally affiliated either with the tropical sounds of Hawaii or its use in the career of the late Tiny Tim. Hager is proficient with it. He uses the ukulele in a manner similar to a rock star with a guitar. And yes, Ukulady's Man is local. His talent, in the estimation of many, can take him to a higher level in his career. 

As for the video itself, Creepy is a semi-humorous look at what happens at a Halloween party and what can take place when Murphy's Law kicks in. Ukulady's Man attempts to charm a zombie-like girl with less than stellar results. The party, looking like everyone is having fun, makes the viewer wish he or she could be there. The performances, inclusive of Hager's vocals, the band members, and the acting on set meshes very well with each logistic being combined to create the impressive experience. Ukulady's Man, along with the band, are seamless being in sync to the music. Acting performances are very good considering these are not Hollywood professionals. 

This is another element I found most interesting. Creepy's logistics give the appearance this video was shot somewhere on a Los Angeles or New York City soundstage. Though such is not the case, it can give the impression of as such. All details with the set, props, costumes and backgrounds were handled in meticulous detail. My only major complaint was the lighting arrangements. Granted Creepy was Halloween oriented and lighting had to be limited to give the video a certain atmosphere and ambiance, but there were scenes containing very dim lighting. The use of color lighting, like red, enhanced a few scenes. 

The song itself is entertaining and amusing. The video successfully captured the essence and spirit of Creepy's melodies and lyrics. I would say Ukulady's Man knocked one out of the park with Creepy. If he can be able to create more music and video interpretations using Creepy as a guidepost, then he has the potential to go beyond Southwest Louisiana and make a name for himself on a bigger stage.

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