Decoding Women pt. 1

By Angie Bujol | 1/17/2015

I'm not going to say women aren't complicated*, but there a few simple explanations that can help men understand us a little better, maybe even avoid a little confrontation. Here are a couple of non-negotiable rules: 

Don't Lie To Us

If we are asking you about something that you have been trying to hide; admit it. We are asking because we already know 5 versions of what happened, and simply want to know your side of the story before we blow up in your face. If you admit what really happened right away, there is a better chance we will forgive you in the near future. If you continue to try covering it up; get comfortable on the couch, you are in the doghouse, sir!

Don't Ignore Us 

We are busy. You are busy. That's understandable, but take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to watch a show (no matter how terrible you think they are) with us. If you make plans with us - especially if we haven’t made plans in a long time - don't skip out. Sometimes, we’d like to feel as if we are the most important thing in your life. We also know that you want to feel that way, but women can be insecure when it comes to their man. We sometimes can't help but feel like you deserve much better than us (at least I do), even if it is far-from-true. 

Other than that we are pretty easy to please*. Now for some warning signs. If you notice any of these things happening, tread lightly!

We Start An Argument With You

Be very careful because we have already planned our attack for hours, if not days, before bringing up this topic. We already know what your responses are going to be and have planned our reaction to them. Women are planners. It's what we do.

Quietly Cleaning EVERYTHING!!!

This is a huge sign of frustration. This is not the normal cleaning up from the day kind of cleaning. This is the OCD, I can't sit still, I need to burn off energy kind of cleaning. There is a difference. This is our time to rationalize with ourselves and decide if we are overreacting, or, if you really deserve to be griped at. DO NOT DISTURB THIS PROCESS!!! Unless it is to apologize, of course. This activity gives us time to process what happened and decide how mad we should actually be, or if we should even be mad at all. It is also the time for us to convince ourselves you didn't realize that what you did hurt us. If you interrupt the process: beware of overreactions, because [during this time] we are running off of emotion not logic. And typically, we have more volatile emotional reflexes than men.

The last thing I am going to add to this is advice. Men, don't compare your woman to others. If you don't like our hair, or makeup, or outfit: tell us that. Don't say, "umm...that looks like something (insert name here) would wear," because your image of that person and our image is completely different. Simply tell us how you feel about it, but please careful with the tone in which you speak. Would you want a boy talking to your daughter the same way? If you don't have a daughter, use your imagination. And lastly, be careful of what you do and say when you are intoxicated. Drunken words tend to lead to sober fights. Or, if not fights, the deepest hurts that can take years to heal from.

Now, don't think this is a "men are the only ones who mess up" article. I will be interviewing the fantastic Editor and Publisher of Exposure Magazine, along with some other men to get some insight on the male psyche towards women. I will also be looking for more female input on this topic, so ladies, if you have anything you would like to add to this, please email Exposure Magazine at Thanks for reading. 

*Women are REALLY complicated.

*Easy is a subjective term.

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