Cyber Monday, Cyber Funday

By Michael Wicks 11/30/2015

Click the Picture.

Click the Picture.

We love to spend money here at exposure, but we also love to save it. You may have not gone out and unleashed your economical fervor upon the masses on Black Friday, but today you have your chance to sit at home, naked, and save more money than you can imagine on items you’ve always wanted. So we decided to put up a number of our top Cyber Monday deals to help steer you in the right direction. Click on the pictures to go to the designated deal.

1). TCBunny Industrial Hand Dryer

Picture this, it’s 2 A.M., your hands are soaked. How are you going to fix this? With the TCBunny industrial hand dryer of course, save over 150 dollars today on this bad boy of cleaning, thanks Amazon.

2). Hand Carved Wooden Frog

Ever think, “Wow honey, our house is nice, but I think it’s time to upgrade our style.” We have your answer here. Hand carved wooden frog. You’re welcome.

3). Nintendo New3DS-XL Hyrule- Gold-Edition



4). CARDOK Underground Car Dock   

Do you wish you had more room for parking when company comes over? Do you just want an escape from all the flying roaches and snakes that inhabit the outside ground and air? We have the CARDOK to fix all of your problems.

5). Lock Pick Training Kit

Breaking and entering is one of America’s most forgotten past-times, from vagrants to philistines, everyone should know how to get out of a sticky situation…using lock picks.

6). Red-LED Cash Cannon

Now you can make it rain at a price everyone can afford. Bring this to your next sporting event or Bris and let everyone know that you are the big shot in the room.

7). King of Queens Complete Series

Tired of stealing from the cable company and huge media corporations? I sure am, and thanks to Best Buy we have a wealth of on sale TV shows, such as Paul Blart’s diamond comedy series, King of Queens.

8). Euro-Cuisine Yogurt Maker

It’s Christmas Eve and oh no, your grandmother ate all of your yogurt. You know mammy Floyd loves bacteria laden treats, it’s how your father was born. Now you don’t have to worry about heading to a closed store during the holiday season, you can make your own yummy yogurt at home.

9). Local Art

Buy this from me for 20 dollars. It's charcoal on wood, also my first ever piece of visual art. Pick-up only.

With all the local talent we have in SWLA, you are never short on art to buy. If you are looking to spend some money today, here are some good artist's to throw that cash at:


John Martel


Morgan Paige Allain


Erica Nelson


Ben Von Duke


If you can find any deals that I missed that I should be aware of, please email me at, or you can tweet it to us @ReadExposure. We hope your holiday shopping brawls extend well into the December month, Deus Vult.

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