I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but we here at


Exposure Magazine enjoy art.

Our city craves vibrance, style and selection beyond that of the typical photoshopped fleur de lis. We realize that our magazine is a conduit for all our community has to offer, and as such we are moving forward with what we call The Exposure Art Initiative. This initiative is geared towards the movement of beautifying the entire city of Lake Charles through the utilization of local artists in all capacities. Any and all artists who wish to be involved will be considered. Public art is the cornerstone of a district’s personality- so, when considering historic downtown, imagine large murals like the one that was painted over the “Before I Die…” wall, by Jeremy Price, plastered across the buildings. Now keep in mind that none of these will be painted directly on the facades of these historic buildings, but instead painted on removable/recyclable surfaces that will be mounted to the structures using non-threatening methods. Knowing that when you visit historic downtown Lake Charles you’ll be welcomed by a large scale, rotating gallery created and maintained by local artists will become quite the attraction for both residents and tourists alike. Now, think of public spaces never seeming to get any real attention suddenly transforming into havens of expression, such as a simple grassed medium becoming a temporary home for beautiful sculptures, or an uneventful field, out of nowhere, containing an unmanned exhibit for anyone to walk through. This is an idea that has been implemented in cities much smaller, much poorer, and more lacking in the creative arena. Lake Charles cannot only do this, but Lake Charles has the potential to do it better than most. Whether or not any of the issues inhibiting expansion will ever be addressed is not important when to comes to our city moving forward. It is up to us, the City of Lake Charles, to build a solid platform on which our culture can sustain itself. The old days are gone, and we are facing the enemy of change that will inevitably come with expansion. We either make this the city we want, or we watch it become the city that outside developers want. The Art Initiative will only act as a small step in the right direction. 



Johnathan Martel

“What is it, 10,000 hours spent to become a master at something?” John jokingly asked, knowing the answer. My first impression of John was typical of any artist I meet, he was quiet and carrying a large art case, as well as latching onto a literal armful of journals. 






Morgan Paige Allain

I create artwork using a combination of watercolor, ink, and colored pencil. I specialize in vividly colored, whimsical portraits as well as illustrative works featuring anything from pop culture icons to jewel-toned avians. My work is fun, colorful, and lively.






Erica Nelson

My calling and gifts are for the creation of art and the equipping of others to do the same. I have always possessed an innate interest in design and how things work. So its no surprise I trained in fine art, architecture, and graphic design.





Boon Businelli

Infamously known as "The Musician" touring the US for several years, but most notable as the tattoo artist / owner of Boondocks Tattoo.
After participating at Wizard World's Comic Con 2012 and MechaCon 9 2013, I retired my 18 year career of tattooing to pursue my first love = writing and illustration.





Sean Hicks

Through the use of storytelling in my work, I create my own worlds or help expand the vision of others as an artist. My goal in my body of work is for the viewer to find themselves, someone else, or something that has had a form of impact on them.





Kevin Leveque

I have an ongoing exhibit at central school, bottom floor along the hallway and Pujo Street Cafe. I will be in the all-man/just men exhibit at the Henning Cultural Center in Sulphur beginning July 8th. Original oil paintings with an ever- changing range of subjects. I employ realism, impressions, and post-romanticism.






Ryan Patrick Rapp

Ryan Patrick Rapp is an artist living and working in Lake Charles, LA. He is an avid concertgoer and lover of all types of artistic mediums. He has a girlfriend Emily, two loving parents, two younger brothers, and a crazy set of friends that keep life interesting on a daily basis.






Ben Von Duke

Ben Newman, aka Ben Von Duke, was born in Lake Charles, LA, and grew up in the lake area. His interest in art was sparked early in his life by his grandfather, Merlin Voizin. Ben attended Westlake High School and studied art for four years under art teacher and mentor Mickey Stoker.






Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.08.23 AM.png
Ned Cappel

It's really about whether you understand pronouns. You, me, he, she, etc. are concepts we pretend to understand. Their meanings taken for granted as we lob them about like softballs to be smashed in the wheelhouse of life's vernacular.






Jeremy Price

Well, this morning seems vaguely normal. I’ve woken up to a half-sneeze and while this bothers me, it is no reason to go bother the gypsies.





Danny Allain

Danny Allain is a local artist who hails from the little town of DeQuincy. A graduate of McNeese, he earned a degree in art as well as teaching.