Last Breath of A Dying Man: pt 7 of 7

By Michael Wicks

From the archives of "the wooden nutmeg"

FINAL STATEMENT OF LIAM SMITH (36): Hartford, Connecticut 1954

Have I not suffered enough, oh terrible Gods. I wanted naught to do with this monstrosity. This bastard of death, release me. Release me from this coil unto the next, where my screaming eternity waits. Samantha meant everything to me. Damn the beast who did this to me. That is all, my time has come.

Executed – 11:58 A.M. July 10th, 1954

Crime(s) – Homicide, Infanticide, Conspiracy

Victim(s) – Samantha Klein-Smith (19), Peter Smith (0)

Deemed Criminally and Mentally Insane by La Salette Head Doctor, Azamir T. Othello

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