Last Breath of A Dying Man: pt 6 of 7

By Michael Wicks

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From the Deposition of Marie Chamber, questioned by Ralph DiMeola, State Attorney of Connecticut

Date: June 19th, 1954

Chamber -“Illuminated by the dimly lit chandelier of La Salette’s grand corridor, Mr. Smith could be seen giggling like a child as the dull knife perforated Samantha’s stretched and bloated stomach. Oddly enough, the crying of a child was heard resonating throughout the entire mission as the process was occurring, but calling his actions a process was giving the butcher too much accreditation. Hacking away with the grim fancy of a savage, Liam slaughtered both his wife and unborn child with a cavalier disregard for life. I saw Samantha being used as a pin cushion for the fiend’s woeful delight.”

DiMeola -“Was Mr. Smith acting this way the entire night?”

Chamber - “No, when Liam and Samantha arrived earlier in the evening, they seemed like the normal and happy couple they usually were. I even overheard them bickering about drape colors, just normal marriage problems, nothing serious.”

DiMeola - “So would you say something sparked his madness?”

Chamber - “The only thing that comes to mind is what happened when Liam saw the Obelisk of Saint Peter in the main hall. I recall seeing him stop as he was walking through the room and he began gazing into the monument for several long moments while muttering under his breath. I couldn’t make out exactly what he was saying but it sounded like, ‘Deus dormientes mend…` I can’t remember the last part, but then again I have no idea what any of that means.”

DiMeola - “Dues dormientes means `sleeping god` in Latin. Were you aware of that Ms. Chamber?”

Chamber - “No I was not.”

DiMeola - “So you are unaware of the alleged ritual activity surrounding the mission?”

Chamber - “I’ve heard whispers, yes, but had never witnessed anything first hand. You know how people like to talk and make stories about what they don’t understand.”

DiMeola - “Yes I am quite aware of the liars amongst us, mam. I’m sorry to digress, but please continue about what you saw after the murder occurred.”

Chamber - “Well.” *minute pause* “Like I said, it was very dimly lit.”

DiMeola - “Yes I am aware.”

Chamber - “He consumed it. The child. For lack of a better term I call what I saw a child, yet I still don’t believe what I saw was true. The wriggling creature pried from that poor girl’s womb was more beast than man. Its face and body contorted into a hideous sack of flesh, it must have had some sort of physical retardation, but that still doesn’t explain the eyes.”

DiMeola - “The eyes? What were so odd about the baby’s eyes?”

Chamber -*Ms. Chamber exhales loudly* “There were three of them, for starters, with the third eye being in the center of the child’s forehead. They also seemed to shine a deep crimson, but this could all be rationed by my drinking and the poorly lit atmosphere. I seriously doubt there was anything more pernicious than a murder going on, as if that wasn’t bad enough.”

DiMeola - “Yes Ms. Chamber, I agree. The murders were abominable, but would you concede that something abnormal might have been going on?”

Chamber - “Well of course, there is nothing normal about a father killing his wife and child.”

DiMeola - “Most would think that, but you would be surprised at the filth in this world. When you mentioned he consumed the child, how did he do that exactly?”

Chamber - “Well, after separating the child from the mother, he began to stare deeply at the creature. It was peculiar that the child didn’t move an inch, yet his cry pierced my ears; his mouth remained closed while he was held, the only thing being roused were his eyes, which darted in every direction. He must have maintained eye contact with the child for around two minutes, and then threw the poor thing to the ground as hard as he could. He got on his knees and began a brutal onslaught of punches, literally beating it to a pulp. After a good minute or so, he held his head up and let out a guttural howl that froze me where I stood. He began shoving raw chunks of the creatures flesh into his mouth, while crying vigorously. It was almost as if he weren’t in control, the tears and blood mixed on his face like a renaissance man’s palette.  I still think about what I saw as a dream. There is no way such a gruesome occurrence could transpire unnoticed by anyone other than me at such a crowded dinner.”

DiMeola - “Yet there wasn’t as much as a single drop of blood in the grand corridor. There is still no sign of the child’s remains either. All that was found was the mutilated corpse of Samantha Klein-Smith, gutted, by the river. Are you alleging that it was somehow moved by Mr. Smith from the premises?”

Chamber - “I’m only telling you what I remembered before I collapsed and was found the next morning. I am certain the visions were brought on by some tainted or undercooked food. Ask anyone at the party, they all can barely remember the night, and a few, other than myself, became physically ill.”

DiMeola - “Well Ms. Chamber, your statement is quite interesting.”

Chamber - “And why is that?”

DiMeola - “Because Marie, Mr. Smith’s stomach contained chunks of a currently unidentified creatures flesh. The fact you didn’t know this information beforehand makes your testimony more valid in my own opinion.”

Chamber - “Are you telling me what I saw was truth?”

DiMeola - “Nobody can be sure yet, Ms. Chamber, but we are diligent with our work.”

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