5 Ways Reading Makes You a Better Person

By Calvin Tyler | 12/30/2014

In today’s day in age, it can be difficult to find the time to do the things in life that make you a better person. Trust me: I should know. Don’t hate yourself too much because you’ve been preoccupied with reality television, sports, or absolutely nothing, when you could have been reading famous literature the likes of Eating the Dinosaur (Chuck Klosterman), Hell (Robert Olen Butler), or Exposure Magazine (Free to Subscribe). And you might be asking, “But Calvin, aren’t the people who read a lot extreme dorks?” My answer to that would be in the form of the smartest answer possible...another question: Do movies suck? If you said that most movies nowadays suck, I’d probably agree. Then, without batting an eye, I’d respond with whether or not you hate Marvel movies (Captain America, Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier)? “Calvin, those are fun movies that both parents and children alike can enjoy. What do they have to do with that stupid reading stuff that teachers made us do in school?” Well, my response to that question is more simple than you’d ever imagine (which is hard for you because you’ve probably calcified your imagination down to almost nothing). The truth is: Comic book movies, before they were movies, were comic books.

But fret not, kiddo, it’s not too late for you to get back out there. I’ve listed 5 of the top reasons you should at least try to pick up a book, a locally owned publication that supports artists within the community [Exposure Magazine (Free to Subscribe)], or whatever, I don’t care. The point is to get back up on that metaphorical horse, and ride that white pony all the way to being a better and more productive person.

NUMBER 5 - People Who Read Are More Cultured and Accepting

A study conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts found that avid readers are more likely to engage with culture. It makes sense when you sit back and think about it. What better way to be a part of culture than by dipping your toe into the swimming pool first? Only a mad man/woman would dive in headfirst. Not you. You’re not quite interesting enough to be that reckless. Not yet, at least. When you read great magazines the likes of Exposure Magazine (totally free to subscribe) you allow your brain time to understand what it might be to live and/or think as some of the writers and/or subjects covered in Exposure Magazine. Maybe that’s why they call it Exposure- because they’re trying to expose their readers to the lives, experiences, and knowledge that the readers might otherwise never encounter. That’s just a guess, though, because I have no idea.

NUMBER 4 - Readers Are More Likely To Improve the World They Live In


How could you not want to make your life better after reading The Road (Cormac McCarthy)? That guy had a kid who loved him, and you’ve got a bunch of cats. It’s time to make a change. There’s this great little local publication that gets delivered to my house at the first of each month (100% free subscription), and I can’t help but get excited every time I see the Exposure logo in my mailbox because I know I’m going to learn a lot. When I learn stuff, it makes me want to do stuff. When I want to do stuff, I usually start off with the easy stuff I should of done weeks ago, like washing the dishes, taking out the trash, or paying bills. Thanks, eyeballs, and Exposure, for all the great reading.

NUMBER 3 - Reading Makes You More Attractive

This is an aspect of reading all of us can get behind. Who isn’t into the guy/gal that has traveled through the realms of the forgotten orcs? Exciting. If you’re doing it right- when you read anything other than internet lists- you will dive deep into the world of others, thus giving you an almost identical experience. Just like how Rocky got the eye of the tiger from hanging out in a boxing gym filled with people who already had the eye of the tiger, you too can achieve the metaphorical eye of the tiger through the osmosis of literature. Ladies and gentlemen alike, prefer those who possess a world-seasoned sharpness to their eyes. It’s a sign of true prowess among all creatures throughout the animal kingdom.

If you’re having trouble attracting a member of the opposite sex, try putting down the foam sword (because it’s wrapped in enough duct tape) and hitting the library. Don’t have enough time to drive to library, or too much anxiety to be around that many books all at once? Try buying books online. If that’s too expensive because you’ve already spent all of your money on Spock ears, look into subscribing for free to a great local magazine like Exposure. Although you will have to leave the comfort of well broken-in sofa, you’ll never leave the safety of your mom’s property. Chicks dig a guy who loves his mom enough to live with her well into his 40’s.

NUMBER 2 - Reading Expands Your Vocabulary

Big words are awesome! Knowing what they actually mean is even cooler. Unless you’re a rich person who had the privilege of living in a town that has a Barnes & Noble, you won’t have access to a Barnes & Noble Word-of-the-Day Calendar. Your only option will be to read what smarter people write. By definition, a writer is someone who gets rewarded monetarily for writing big words that people want to read. So, just by reading, you will instantly become a smarter, more well-rounded human being.

The thought that rolls through most people’s heads as they read is: “I can read words. The people who are willing to spend time with me tend to like the noises coming out of my mouth. Those are words, right? I could write stuff better than this and get paid money.” Of course you could, but you’ll have to make yourself a better writer somehow.

NUMBER 1 - Reading Makes You a Better Writer

Getting in touch with your inner writer by reading a bunch words written by other, much more talented writers is an incredible way to jumpstart your creative juices. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting all alone in front of a keyboard letting sentences fall out of your fingertips faster than Mark Twain ever could. Greatest American writer, my ass. But the biggest problem you’ll run into after mastering your craft is earning a living from it. Most people get told that they have to be published (for free) first, before they are paid any money. I know this from experience.

If writing is something you really enjoy doing: swing by www.readexposure.com/work-with-us

Exposure Magazine wants to read what you write. If it’s worth publishing, they’ll pay you for it and give you full credit. If it’s good, but semi-poorly written, the editors of Exposure will clean it up for you, making you look both smart and sexy.

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